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Natalya Yurlova



Senior researcher, PhD

Laboratory of Insect Pathology

Institute of Systematics and Ecology of Animals, Siberian Branch of Russian Academy of Science

Working address
Laboratory of insect pathology, Institute of Systematics and Ecology of Animals SB RAS, 630091, Frunze str. 11, Novosibirsk, Russia



Professional Society
Russian Hydrobiological Society (since 2005)
American Society of Parasitologists (since 2006)
Russian Society for Helminthology (since 1979)
Russian Parasitology Society (since 1999)


Educational history and career:


Scientific associate, Biological Institutute, SB AS of USSR, Novosibirsk 1979 - 1989
Senior researcher, Biological Institutute, SB AS of USSR, Novosibirsk 1989 - 1998
Junior researcher, Biological Institutute, SB AS of USSR, Novosibirsk 1976 – 1979
Leading scientific researcher, Institute of Systematics and Ecology of animals Siberian 1998 - present time


Novosibirsk agriculture University, Novosibirsk, Soviet Union 1968-1973

Postgraduate student, Helmintology, Biological Institutute, Siberian Branch

Academy of Sciences of USSR , Novosibirsk


Current interests:


Selected publications:


Mordvinov V.A., Yurlova N.I., L.M.Ogorodova, Katohin A.V. (2012). Opisthorchis felineus and Metorchis bilis are the main agents of liver fluke infection of humans in Russia . Parasitology International, 61, p. 25-31.


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Hideyuki Doi, Natalia I. Yurlova (2011). Host-parasite interactions and global climate oscillations. Parasitology, 138, 1022–1028


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2002 - 2005

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1981- 2000

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